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Joint Application Development (JAD) Session

iLab Overview


Acme Jewelry Company is a successful Midwestern retailer of medium-priced items. It currently has stores in six metropolitan areas and operates under a brick-and-mortar business model. Management has committed itself to enhancing its marketing channels to include an Internet-based distribution channel to the public. This e-commerce application is their first endeavor into Web-based information systems.

The company has the following organization structure.

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Facts about the current business:

  1. All stores are located in large shopping malls and carry the same merchandise.
  2. Jewelry lines include women’s lines for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in the range of the $50 – $200 price range.
  3. Approximately 500 items are available for sale in each retail location.
  4. A central warehouse is maintained in one of the larger cities and supplies all of the retail stores.

Facts about the project:

  1. The Senior Business Systems Analyst in the Information Systems Department has been assigned to manage the requirements discovery phase of this project.
  2. Time frames of the project are very tight because management wants the system implemented in time for the Christmas holiday season. It is currently April and a due date of October 1st has been requested.
  3. Your initial assignment is for the key system owners and users – the Chief Retail Officer (CRO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO), and Chief Information Officer (CIO) — to gather an initial set of high-level business requirements. The Senior Business Systems Analyst will coordinate and facilitate a Joint Application Development (JAD) meeting to accomplish this task.
  4. Because all of the key stakeholders are extremely busy and frequently travel on business, it is not feasible for them to meet in person. Therefore, the meeting will be coordinated using e-mail, a SharePoint site, and will be held online in a Web conferencing environment.
  5. Because the time of all of the key stakeholders is extremely valuable, the JAD meeting itself will be limited to one hour maximum.
  6. The President/CEO may or may not attend the JAD meeting, depending on his or her other commitments.

You will be assigned to play the role of one of the participants in this JAD meeting. You should participate actively in the pre-meeting activities (scheduling and agenda preparation) and the meeting itself, all the while keeping in character with your assigned role.

All of the above information is known to all participants. In addition, you will receive a Cast of Characters with additional public information about all of the characters, and a Role Sheet with additional background on your character and some private information known only by you. It is up to you whether, when, and how to share any or all of your private information with others on your team.

Upon completing this lab, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to facilitate and elicit requirements for a business information system from a group of diverse users;
  • Also experience the conflict that may exist between users who have their own specialized need for the planned information system;
  • Practice the tasks associated with planning and conducting a meeting, including scheduling, preparing, and distributing an agenda by using an electronic collaboration support system (SharePoint); and
  • Learn and practice communication techniques and mechanical skills for meeting with a geographically dispersed group in a Web conferencing environment.

Necessary materials: All materials marked with * are already installed in your lab environment.

  • Background information (Scenario/Summary section above)
  • Microsoft Word* for writing the JAD meeting invitation memo
  • Microsoft SharePoint site* for scheduling meeting and creating meeting agenda
  • Web conferencing application* for conducting and recording the JAD meeting
  • Cast of Characters (BIS261_W4_iLab_Cast.docx; download from iLab filesfolder in Doc Sharing)
  • Role Sheet for your assigned role (BIS261_W4_iLab_Role_xxx.docx; download fromRole:xxxfolder in Doc Sharing, where xxx = the role assigned to you by your instructor for this lab)


Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.

(See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due dates.)

  • JAD meeting invitation memo (Word document) posted to team SharePoint site and submitted to the weekly iLab Dropbox.
  • JAD meeting agenda on team SharePoint site, with a screenshot pasted in a Word document and submitted to the weekly iLab Dropbox.
  • Recorded JAD meeting in ClassLive Pro.

Grading Rubric:

JAD meeting invitation memo (one score for the team) 20%
JAD meeting agenda (one score for the team) 30%
Demonstration of effective facilitation/group participation skills during meeting (assessed from recording). Each team member receives an individual score for this item based on his or her own participation in the recorded JAD session. Any team member who does not participate in the JAD session will receive a zero for this item. 50%

Required Software Microsoft Office: Word

Use a personal copy or access the software at

All Steps

Lab Steps STEP 1: Read and analyze background information

  1. Carefully read the Scenario/Summary above and identify the key system owners and users, and key issues affecting the project.
  2. Download and read the Cast of Characters document from the iLab Filesarea of Doc Sharing for more information about each of the stakeholders.
  3. After you have been assigned a role in this scenario by the instructor, go to the Doc Sharing tab on our course site, and use the drop-down list to select the area for your assigned role. Download your Role Sheet and read it carefully. Consider how your character’s background and goals relate to the project.

STEP 2: Schedule JAD meeting

  1. Log in to the Citrix iLab. (For help with logging in, see the iLab page under Course Home.)
  2. On the main iLab applications menu, click the icon labeledBIS261 iLabs SharePoint Siteto go to the SharePoint site for BIS261.
  3. Click the link for this section of BIS261 to go to your course section, SharePoint site. Links to course section, SharePoint sites are on the right side of the page. For online courses, the link to your course section will be in the form BIS261sxxxyyz, where s = the section letter (A, B, C, etc.), xxx = the semester (SPR, SUM, or FAL), yy = the year, and z = the session (A or B). For example, the link to the online section A for Summer 2011 Session B would be BIS261ASUM11B. For campus courses, the link is preceded by a three-letter campus identifier. For example, the link to the Pomona campus section A for Summer 2011 Session B would be POMBIS261ASUM11B.
  4. On the main page of your course section, SharePoint site, click the link to go to the SharePoint site for your team. Links to the team sites are on the left side of the page. Each link ends with the team letter (_A, _B, and so on). Your team assignment will be provided to you by your professor. Contact your professor if you are not sure of your team assignment.
  5. On your team SharePoint site, edit your own entry in the Attendees list to indicate the days and times when you are available to meet. To do so, click on the Edit icon beside your name; enter the dates and times when you are available in the Comments field; and click OK.
  6. After all team members have posted their schedules, the team member assigned the Business Systems Analyst role should determine a time when all members are available, and schedule the meeting on the calendar on the section SharePoint site. If there is no time when all members are available, some negotiation by e-mail or telephone may be necessary to determine a mutually agreeable time.

To schedule the meeting on the SharePoint calendar, do the following:

  • On your course section, SharePoint site (not your team site), under Calendar on the right side of the page, click Add new event;
  • Enter a title, start time, and end time for your meeting, and click OK;
  • Use U.S. Mountain time zone for all times; and
  • Ensure that your meeting does not conflict with a meeting already scheduled by another team.

TIP: If necessary, review the tutorial “Using Microsoft SharePoint for Meetings and Documents” at the end of the Week 4 Lecture for a demonstration of accessing your course section and team SharePoint sites, editing your entry in the Attendees list, and adding an event to the calendar.

STEP 3: Prepare and distribute meeting invitation

The team member assigned the Business Systems Analyst role should prepare and distribute a meeting invitation. Follow the steps below.

Open a blank Word document and compose a meeting invitation. The meeting invitation should state the specific purpose of the meeting, the date, time, and expected duration; how to join the meeting using the designated Web conferencing application; and how participants should prepare for the meeting. Save the meeting invitation by using the filename W4_iLab_TeamX.docx, where x = your team letter.

  1. E-mail the meeting invitation to all members of your team and the professor.
  2. Upload a copy of the meeting invitation to the document library on your team SharePoint site. To do so:
  • On the home page for your team SharePoint site, under Document Library, click Add new document;
  • Click the Browse button;
  • Navigate to the location where you saved the meeting invitation document, select it, and click Open. (Remember that when you are working on the iLab server, drives on your local computer will appear with a dollar sign after the drive letter; e.g. F$ for drive F: ); and
  • Click OK to upload the file.

TIP: If necessary, review the tutorial “Using Microsoft SharePoint for Meetings and Documents ” at the end of the Week 4 Lecture for a demonstration of uploading a file to the Document Library.

STEP 4: Prepare meeting agenda

All team members should contribute to formulating an agenda for the meeting by adding, editing, commenting on, or deleting agenda items on the team SharePoint site. To do so, go to your team SharePoint site’s home page and use the following procedures:

  1. To add a new agenda item: Under Agenda, click on Add new item. Enter the Subject of your agenda item and click OK;
  2. To edit an agenda item: Hover the cursor over the item that you wish to edit. A drop-down arrow will appear beside the item. Click this drop-down arrow and select Edit Item. Make any desired changes to the item and click OK;
  3. To comment on an agenda item: Use the procedure described in Step b above to edit the item, and add your comments to the Notes box; and
  4. To delete an agenda item: Hover the cursor over the item that you wish to edit. A drop-down arrow will appear beside the item. Click this drop-down arrow and select Delete Item.

STEP 5: Conduct the Joint Application Development Session

At the scheduled time, use the iConnect Meeting Web conferencing application to conduct a 45-60 minute JAD session with your team.

Click to open the Team Area tab located below Week 8. You and your team members need to review the“iConnect Meeting”information at the bottom of the page. This information will tell you how to schedule a meeting, join a meeting, work with audio, and share presentations and desktop.

Image Description

Use the features of iConnect Meeting ClassLive Pro to conduct your JAD meeting, as follows:

  1. Communicate using the text chat feature.
  2. Communicate using audio. Each team member must have a microphone with audio capabilities
  3. Use the whiteboard
  4. Share a document and Share desktop

Conduct your JAD session:

  1. Select your assigned Team Meeting area under the Team Area tab. Be sure you and your team members review the “iConnect Meeting” information located on the TEAM AREA tab.
  2. Be sure you RECORD your iConnect JAD Session.
  3. Assign one team member to act as moderator and another to act as recorder (scribe).
  4. During your JAD session, agree on at least ten (10) pertinent, high-level business requirements for the project. The team member assigned to act as the recorder for the meeting should document the meeting minutes and the agreed list of requirements in a Word file. The minutes and list of requirements will be used in the next iLab.
  5. All team members should participate fully in the meeting, using the communication and facilitation skills learned during the week. Team members should act in character for their assigned roles, but should also work to support the team as a whole.
  6. When finished, Stop the iConnect Recording and close the session.

STEP 6: Save and submit

The team member assigned the role of Business Systems Analyst should submit copies of the meeting invitation and final meeting agenda to the iLab Dropbox on the course site (in addition to the copies posted on the team SharePoint site). To do so:

  1. Open theW4_iLab_TeamX.docxfile containing the meeting invitation that you created in Step 3;
  2. Go to the home page of your team area on the SharePoint site. Press the key to capture an image of the page, including the final Agenda. Paste this image at the end of the meeting invitation file; and
  3. Save the file and submit it to the Dropbox for this week’s iLab assignment. In the comments box of your Dropbox submission, state the date and time of your JAD session. If you used practice time at the start, also state at what time in the session you began the formal JAD meeting.

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.

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