BIS 261 DeVry Week 7 iLab Latest


BIS 261 DeVry Week 7 iLab Latest

Scenario and Summary

Acme Art Gallery is a small art gallery specializing in paintings produced by local artists. To increase sales, the gallery has hired a website design firm to create a website for the gallery. One of the most important features of the site will be a virtual gallery, which will allow visitors to the site to view digital images of paintings in the gallery’s collection. Visitors will not be able to buy paintings directly from the website because the gallery owner believes that few people would be willing to buy a painting based solely on a digital image. However, if a visitor finds a painting that he/she likes in the virtual gallery, he/she will be able to reserve the painting for up to one week to ensure that it will be there when he/she visits the gallery in person.

The virtual gallery will be used by current and potential customers of the Acme Art Gallery. Most site visitors are expected to live within 100 miles of the physical gallery’s location.

You are a business analyst working for the website design firm hired by Acme Galleries. You have been assigned to develop a test plan and test procedures for the virtual gallery feature of the site. Your manager has provided you with a list of requirements for the virtual gallery and a standard template that the firm uses for its test plans and procedures.

Upon completing this lab, you will be able to:

  • select appropriate testing strategies for specific system requirements;
  • write an overall test plan for a system module, including multiple types of testing;
  • document the test environment and test data required to carry out the test plan; and
  • write a detailed test procedure to verify a set of requirements, including test cases, procedure steps, and expected results.

Necessary materials: All materials marked with * are already installed in your lab environment.

  • Background information (Scenario/Summary section above)
  • System requirements for the virtual gallery (BIS261_W7_iLab_Requirements.docx; download from iLab Files folder in Doc Sharing)
  • Test plan and procedure template (BIS261_W7_iLab_Template.docx; download from iLab Files folder in Doc Sharing)
  • Microsoft Word* for writing the test plan and procedures


You will deliver a completed Test Plan and Procedures document for the virtual gallery.

Grading rubric:

Item Percentage
Testing Approach section:

  • Lists at least three appropriate types of testing
  • Clearly and correctly describes each type
Test Environment section:

  • Defines a configuration of hardware, software, and network resources that will support performing the specified tests
Test Data section:

  • Defines data resources that will support performing the specified tests
Test Procedures section:

  • Unique identifier assigned to each test case
  • Procedure steps for each test case clearly and concisely specified
  • Requirements verified by each test case are identified by requirement number
  • Expected results for each test case are clearly described
  • Test cases, taken as a whole, provide reasonable verification that the system satisfies the stated requirements

iLab Steps:

STEP 1: Review the background information, requirements, and test plan and procedures template.”>Back to Top

  1. Familiarize yourself with the information you will use to complete the test plan and procedures by doing the following: Review the Scenario/Summary section above, making sure you understand the purpose and scope of the project.
  2. Download the file BIS261_W7_iLab_Requirements.docx from the iLab Files folder in Doc Sharing, and review its contents. As you review the requirements, make notes for yourself on how each requirement could be tested.
  3. Download the file BIS261_W7_iLab_Template.docx from the iLab files folder in Doc Sharing, and review its contents to become acquainted with the structure of the test plan and procedures document.

STEP 2: Complete the Test Plan section of the test plan and procedures document.”>Back to Top

The Test Plan section should define the overall strategy for testing the virtual gallery. To complete this section of the test plan and procedures document, do the following:

  1. Enter your name after Written By. Enter the current date after Date.
  2. Notice that under the heading Test Items, the specific item to be tested has been filled in for you.
  3. Under the heading Approach, list at least three different types of testing that should be applied to the virtual gallery, and briefly describe each type. Refer to any reading assignment or to this week’s lecture for descriptions of various types of tests that might be performed. The description of each test type should be written in your own words; it should not copied verbatim from the textbook, lecture, or any other source. Your description of each test type should be at least one complete sentence.
  4. Under the heading Test Environment, list the hardware, software, and network resources that will be needed to carry out the testing. You may specify this at a fairly high level if details are not provided in the requirements you are given; for example, you might specify that a Web server will be required to host the test site, but you do not have to provide any details about the Web server at this point. However, if specific technical details about any components are given in the requirements, you should specify them in this section.
  5. Under the heading Test Data, describe the data resources that will be needed to carry out the testing of the virtual gallery and how they will be generated or obtained. For example, you may need to obtain some data items from the Acme Gallery for use in testing.

STEP 3: Complete the Test Procedures section of the test plan and procedures document.”>Back to Top

Fill in the grid in the Test Procedures section by writing a set of test cases that can be used during system testing to verify that the virtual gallery satisfies its requirements. To do so:

  1. Under Test#, assign each test case a unique identifying number, starting with the prefix VG for the virtual gallery (VG-001, VG-002, etc.).
  2. Under Procedure Steps, list the actions to be performed by the tester to execute the test case. Number each step sequentially.
  3. Under Requirements, list the identifying number(s) of the requirement(s) that are verified by executing the test case. There is not necessarily a one-to-one relationship between requirements and test cases: A single test case might partially or fully verify several requirements, and several test cases might be needed to fully verify one requirement. Each requirement should be addressed by at least one test case, and the successful execution of all test cases should provide reasonable assurance that all requirements have been satisfied.
  4. Under Expected Results, describe the results of successfully executing the test case. These might include messages that should be displayed to the user; data that should be added, updated, or deleted in a database; and so on.

STEP 4: Save and submit your work.”>Back to Top

Save your completed test plan and procedures document as a Microsoft Word file using the following naming convention: LastName_W7_iLab.docx.

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