BIS 303 Managing Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry


BIS 303 Managing Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Information Technology Overview

  • Describe the basic computer hardware, software, networks, and telecommunications used in the field of hospitality.
  • Define the changing role of hospitality in IT from control to competitive advantage.
  • Compare tools used to leverage the power of information.

Hospitality Information Systems and Users

  • Describe the four levels of e-commerce transactions.
  • Analyze e-information and distribution systems within four business functions.
  • Compare internal property management systems with external global distribution systems.

Cost Controls and Resource Management Systems

  • Develop point-of-sale and inventory tracking hospitality systems.
  • Demonstrate production systems and management controls.
  • Determine accounting control strategies in terms of hospitality technology investment.

Role of IT in Strategic Planning

  • Identify marketing business strategies for external customers.
  • Contrast proactive and reactive strategic problem solving for hospitality systems.
  • Evaluate database usage in strategic planning.
  • Identify human resource business strategies for internal customers.


  • Explain standard hospitality privacy issues for the hospitality industry.
  • Describe physical plant and staff security technology for the hospitality industry.
  • Distinguish between internal and external threats to IT databases.


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