Cloud Computing and Hybrid Cloud

The recent explosion in cloud storage solutions during the last decade has helped companies store large amounts of data without the cost of building their own data centers.


In 1,000-1,250 words, summarize your observations on cloud storage solutions while addressing the following:


– Research and describe the development of “database-as-a-service” and how this service could help a company scale to meet company growth.

– Explain some of the advantages of using a cloud service such as AWS (Amazon) or Azure (Microsoft) to store a company’s data. How do these services help a DBA as a company grows?

– Explain some of the disadvantages and challenges of using a cloud provider, and how you could solve these problems. For example, certain industries are heavily regulated, such as health care, and it might not be feasible or ethical to move personal patient data into the cloud.

– Describe what compliance and regulatory concerns should be considered regarding personal/sensitive data in the cloud. How would you approach this issue, and what are your ideas on how a company can secure sensitive data?

– Research and explain what international laws are in place for storing data in different countries. How do these data residency laws affect the companies collecting personal data and where it is stored?

– Explain from a Christian worldview perspective how a company should plan and implement the plan to secure personal and sensitive data. How could they inform the employees and customers about this perspective to send a clear message about the company’s policies?

– Research and explain the benefits of a hybrid cloud solution. Address what types of companies could it benefit, the types of data that could and couldn’t be stored in the cloud, and how you would plan and implement a hybrid cloud solution for a company with sensitive data.

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