Software Architecture Implementation

In this assignment, students will practice the comprehensive knowledge gained up to this point in the course.

Scenario: From what you have learned, you are now able to propose to your manager a better, more organized and structural process to design software following pre-established guidelines covered in the course. You are to justify the benefits of using software architecture guidelines to execute a hypothetical project to persuade your manager or upper-level management. 

Within this context, choose a hypothetical system design and prepare a report and presentation showing a software architecture that will proactively persuade the stakeholders of the strategic importance in developing an architecture to reduce technical risk, establish realistic scheduling and budgeting, and a plan for the production of those products.

This is a two-fold assignment—a report and a presentation. Your 2,000- to 2,500-word report should include:

1.Diagrams showing a conceptual view and a process view of the architecture of your hypothetical system.

2.The role that architecture plays in business, technical, project, and professional contexts.

3.The critically important symbiosis between architecture and quality attributes.

4.How to specify quality attribute requirements, and the quick immersion you have had into the dozen or so of the most important QAs.

5.How to capture the architecturally significant requirements for an architecture.

6.How to design an architecture, document it, guide an implementation with it, evaluate it to see if it is a good one for your needs, reverse-engineer it, and manage a project around it. Make sure to integrate the SDLC process within the scope of this.

7.How to evaluate an architecture’s cost and benefit, what it means to be architecturally competent, and how to use architecture as the basis for an entire software product line.

8.When describing your hypothetical system, address why you may have to start the design of the system architecture before the requirements specification is complete.

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